Tuesday 24 March 2009

Questions and answers

Over the last week I was in the depths of Wales.There are a few folk I know in various parts of Wales, these people though wish to remain anonymous and in respect of their privacy I remain vague as to where I actually was and with some details. It was a chance to pick up again on some of my old gardening skills, doing a spot of digging, weeding and helping set up a poly tunnel. If I am to do more of the same I really must invest in gardening gloves, having broken three finger nails. It was a welcome change to be out in the country once again. Lambing time was in full swing, the cry of young lambs echoing across the fields. Trees where in bud, as where the daffodils. Birds clustered around bird feeders, feeding hungrily building up strength before starting rearing their young. Early bumble bees where out and about too.
It was a pleasure too to be allowed to feed the horses and livestock. A heavily pregnant mare having a mad canter across the field, hooves drumming, tail and head high, just for the joy of it, spring fever.
We went for walks around the local area enjoying some unusually warm spring weather. over the week I was staying in a caravan and sharing delicious meals in the main house. In my attempts to move from the London area, caravans have been one alternative I have considered. At least now I have some idea of the size I would require. Insulating and providing heating could pose problems; although with heating a wood burning stove could be the answer there. The cost of actually siting a caravan could prove expensive. Electricity is not a worry, enough could be provided from a small wind turbine. As someone who uses the net quite frequently I could foresee problems in that direction. yes, I know there are wi fi connections and the like but they are not available in all areas; satellite hook ups are prohibitively expensive and beyond my price range. it has been surprising how difficult it is to actually rent a cheap property in rural areas. Predominately though I have been focusing on Scotland.
We managed to get out and head up to the Berwyns and have a walk up and around the Pistyll Rhaeadr falls. Good weather had brought scores of people out for the day and the footpaths where busy. The weather through the week had been very good and it was not until Monday that it changed to colder, wet and blustery conditions.