Friday 18 January 2013

One shoe, one sandal

The last few months have been a trying time. Early December saw me having a second foot operation.. At the end of December I  returned to hospital to have dressings and so forth removed. In the process, by accident the nurse tugged on the stitches. It hurt, very much so. What was strange was that the nurse totallywrapped my foot in a new dressing. Normally when a dressing is removed only small dressing is required. Odd! my whole foot ended up swathed in a full dressing. Being a tad flummoxed, I later rang the foot clinic. The nurse was adamant, the dressing had to remain on until my next appointment and that was a month away. Bathing with one leg hanging out of the bath is not an easy procedure  Feeling the need for some gentle exercise, the crutches where soon discarded for a trekking pole. The support platform shoe l had been given was swapped for a sandal, Thus of late I have been trundling around with one shoe, one sandal. Today I had to go out despite heavy snowfall. Improvisation was needed, the dressing was covered with a plastic bag and strapped around the ankle with gaffa tape. The foot got cold but remained dry.
 A sure sign of cabin fever is when I found myself sitting gently fondling my rucksack! Plans are afoot though. Come February a few days away are planned. There are also further plans in the offing too. So, A slow but steady return to the hills.