Monday 30 May 2011


Rather mystified about the occurrences of my last trip I finally decided it better to check with my GP. She has suggested that it is possible I may have had a very minor heart attack. A trip to hospital and an EEG has not shown any irregularities. There are a few other checks to be made, however I am hoping to be away for a trip sometime next week? In the mean time I have been working to try and raise my fitness levels a tad. Currently I am helping out in someones allotment. This means a walk of some forty five minutes, three or four miles, each way, on a regular basis of three times a week. To make things a bit more difficult, an old rucksack has been dug out of retirement and a bladder with four litres of water has been placed  in the rucksack as a weight penalty in my walks to the allotment. There is also the added factor that my flat is on the sixth floor and I make an effort to  not use the lift and stick to the stairs. There is an old adage that the only way to get hill fit is by being on the hill. However I am hoping to make a wee bit of difference. Possibly too I may try for a a night or two away in bushcraft mode, travelling quite light and not taking the tent. On E bay there is a Rab survival zone bivi bag in green that I have my eye  on and if the bidding remains sensible I may have a try for it. My one is ancient and leaks and green ones are hard to come by.  So, currently I am sorting kit and planning a return to the Howgills.