Tuesday 25 June 2013


Finally, after much hassle I have managed to download a few photos from the camera.
A mixed hodgepodge of place.





Sunday 9 June 2013

Kit and stuff

As I am sure most outdoor folk do, we all collect gear, That odd bit of stuff on sale, special offer. The odd must have item that seldom ever gets used!
Well, given my circumstances, I need to revise and download my kit. Weight has become even more important, as has the need for stuff that is simple to use with no faffing about. There is the added factor that my sleeping bag needs replacing. It is some ten years old and my winter one is a throw back to another era, somewhere around the nineteen seventies.
 I have placed adverts in various outdoor sites. Disappointedly with no response. Now then, Mike is holding a MacPac Microlight for me. Not the lightest of tents but reliable. More importantly, I have a MLD Duomid almost new, complete with an Oook nest. To be honest, given medical conditions, I need a tent that can be thrown up in a hurry. This tent requires a tad of faffing. There is also a Thermarest, four season Prolite plus self inflating mat. Brand new, never been used. There is also a pair of brand new Mountain King trekking poles. There are a few other things I am happy to throw in to the mix. A Golite Shangri La2, used but still serviceable. There is a baby trangia and so forth
Possibly someone knows of a youth group or runs one??. Please, I really do not want to just to give this stuff away. Make me a reasonable offer and the lot can be yours. If you are in the London area you could come and collect. Say around £260 for the lot? Mind, I am willing to haggle. Thanks folks