Thursday 19 September 2019

Trial and error

Really the first tottering steps of trying to get back on my feet. Pushing boundaries a little, trying to define what I can actually do. This post is just a mixture of things that have been happening over the past few weeks.
Gradually, in slow, hesitant steps, I have resumed my swimming, or at least have had a few dips. The Panama Swimming club members are a wonderful bunch of folks.  They have been continually supportive. One club member, Emily and her husband, Will, own a small area of woodland. They generously invited me to spend a weekend with them camping in the wood. It must be admitted, I was in faff mode when putting up the tent. However, I got there. It was a good weekend though, most enjoyable.


There was a visit to Druridge Bay, for a day on the beach and some dipping in the sea.

Mike had put forward the idea of a two night wild camp. His proposal was to find somewhere that did not involve a long walk in. The idea was that he would walk in with me, carrying my pack, help me set up camp and then return to the car for his own rucksack. It is so frustrating but Mike was right, I could not have managed with a full rucksack.
Things began well, tents set up on about the only fairly level and dry spot in the whole area. That night I experienced a few problems. The following morning saw us storm bound with strong, gusting winds and heavy, driving rain. It was no problem though, we were well battened down and snug. Some extra medication in the morning appeared to bring some relief. Late that night though I was ill and getting worse. Kirkby Stephen MRT stretchered me out. To them I owe many thanks. Special thanks too to Mike for all his help.
The North East skinny dip looms large on the horizon. All money raised is donated to Tyneside and Northumberland MIND. A worthy cause. Last year saw just over six hundred people taking part. As we have done previously, Mike and I will bivi on the beach Friday night to allow for a few wee pre dip sessions. On the Saturday night we will be camping at the visitor centre.

A gray day viewed from the tent.


Much water!
Frothy, tumbling water in spate
Water close to the edge of Mike's tent.

More watery bits!

Very wet, churned up ground. Large logs installed, flood prevention by restricting the flow of water

Evening  skies.

Evening clouds.
Storm clouds drifting away. There was full moon and frost that night.