Friday 31 March 2017

Alwinton wander

Alwinton in the Coquet valley is a lovely area much frequented by the walking fraternity. Mike had proposed a walk that led over Lords Seat and on to Nettlehope Hill. However, even before setting out we had to don waterproofs. It was one of those mild days of showers and general dampness whereby one becomes rapidly overheated cocooned in waterproofs.
Coquet valley
With the weather as it was we felt disinclined to push on to Nettlehope. A leisurely lunch and then we wandered on over to the trig point at Green Side.
The resonating boom of heavy artillery over on the ranges gave us a momentary start.

From the trig point it was an easy wander on to the Pass Peth and back to Alwinton.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Trees and walkies

Mike had mentioned that he was off to a local tree planting session. Thinking it was a worthy cause and a chance to put something back in to nature, I expressed interest. Thus it was Mike invited me along to Tow Law, which is a few miles up the road from Crook. An enjoyable day was spent planting a mixture of deciduous trees, mainly beech, oak and rowan.
We were off for a walk on the Sunday, so rather than having to travel back to Blyth, Mike kindly put up with me for the night, err, put me up for the night? This was to be a recce for a guided walk. Check out
Sunday we headed over to Blanchland. Our way took us through woods and forestry. Very sloppy underfoot in places.

Some enjoyable walking led us past old abandoned  mine workings and on toward Townfield.
The old farmhouse of Gibraltar looked in rather a sad condition.

Just beyond Nookton farm we stopped for a spot of lunch. The sky noticeably darkened, however, apart from a wee bit of mizzle it remained mainly dry. Mind, it did turn chillier in the afternoon. This walk involved quite a few contours, however, I managed to hang in there. Heading over by Cocklake plantation, it was on toward Ramshaw and around by Sikehead lead mines, now disused.

.These days it is all grouse moorland but in its heyday these mines must have a noisome place bustling with the clamour of industry.
With a chilly wind chivying us, the pace picked up a wee bit and by way of bridleways and a little bit of road walking we headed back to Blanchland. An enjoyable day of walking covering some ten miles. The weather was mainly kind to us and the brief moments of sunshine had a hint of warmth. Thank you Mike and LTD.