Friday 15 March 2013

Another aborted trip

A couple of weeks back I had to scrap at the last minute, a trip to Dartmoor. This was a direct result of the debacle back in February. Mike had sketched out a gentle, pre challenge wander in South Wales. The usual flurry of e mails. Train times arranged, meeting up places and times. Early March was agreed upon. A bunkhouse booked for our first night. My GP had prescribed medication and naively I had hoped they would tide me over during the course of the week. They did not, as I rapidly found out. There is no point in going in to the gory details. Tuesday morning there was little choice but to bale out. Basically, I was, and still am, quite ill. To put it mildly I am gutted, very upset that I let Mike down. Maybe now I need to stand aside and have a rethink on things. My main spring is badly damaged. The joy and pleasure of being out on the hill dulled. Enough said, I will wait and see Mike's write up of the trip.