Wednesday 1 May 2019

Cross roads

Recently my blog has gone very quiet. The last few months have been difficult. My Parkinson's is slowly affecting my life more and more. There has been no major, significant changes, as such. it is more a case of several areas of my life where things are becoming increasingly difficult. Bladder and bowel problems are increasing. Sleep is badly disrupted. Tiredness really hits me at times, feeling fatigued is a regular thing. Ironically, despite going to bed feeling totally drained, I still find it difficult to sleep. Balance is going out of sync a bit as well. Occasionally, when walking I stagger a little. It can look as if I have been on the booze. A very severe allergic reaction to a type of antibiotic, followed not long after that by a fall down a flight of stairs, resulting in a cracked rib and a badly bruised kidney, has not helped things. Of more immediate concern to the doctors are the increasingly number of bladder infections I am experiencing. Each appears to be a tad more severe and more painful.
In turn this has had significant impact on my backpacking. In a couple of earlier blogs it was mentioned that I experienced difficulties on a few backpacking trips. It is quite possible that my backpacking activities may now be seriously curtailed. That hurts, it is so frustrating. There are other options to consider. Much shorter distances. In the warmer months pack weight can be reduced, so hopefully I can still get out a wee bit! Possibly finding a few quiet spots for a wild swim?  Hostels, bunkhouses, B&B's and campsites are other alternatives.
Mike has been very helpful. Despite his busy schedules he has managed to come and collect me me for a couple of short wee walks. A few photos from those walks are shown below.

Following a short section of the Salters Road, Alnham
Ancient church, Alnham

Bewick Hill, an ancient hill fort. A superb wee walk in glorious sunshine.

cup and ring caving on rock

One more thing, some of kit will be up for grabs. This includes a superb pair of brand new Aku Alp GTX four season boots.