Tuesday 18 December 2007

the getaway

My flat has been a scene of chaos recently. more so than normal. This time tomorrow I shall be travelling north. My intention is to get away over the Christmas period. No concrete plans, more of a stravaig. To be honest I am a tad daunted. Kit strewn all over my floor was gradually weighed and packed. Yikes, far too much weight, everything out, kit being stripped down, back on the scales, ouch too heavy, can I do without it? Obviously the heaviest item is food. There is enough for ten days, just. Chocolate bars have been weighed, discarded except for a few kitkats. instead I have jerky. Most of the foodstuff is expedition foods. Just add water to bag and leave for five minutes. Cup a soups, tea and drinking chocolate are my fluids. Going this route with food means I can cut down on fuel. As it is I am taking gas because of weight and only one cylinder. Thus I am going to have to be miserly with usage. The rucksack I am using is my old macpac. Slightly heavier but my OMM mountain mover just did not feel comfortable under such a load. Obviously I have a weight penalty, re, I have to carry medical stuff which adds another good pound or so to the weight. After much juggling I have the weight down to 38lb. Yes, I know, still heavy and you may well ask where has the lightweight concept has gone? But there is little chance of resupply over the Christmas period and it is probable I will be out of reach of shops, in fact out of the way of much of civilization. As things stand I cannot safely carry any less. The whys and wherefores of my going are a different matter. My only aiming point so far is Ullapool. It may turn out to be just a few days wild camping or possibly a longer period. my fitness is poor and the first few days are going to be mainly uphill. Ullapool, obviously, is at sea level and any direction I head in (by land)has to mean a steady uphill plod. It will just a case of wait and see and play it be ear.


  1. anything away must be good this time of year

  2. Welcome back. Have a good trip. Look forward to reading your write up.

  3. Go carefully Dawn - the forecast isn't great. But have a good time