Saturday 19 January 2008


Despite the contradiction, in that I mentioned on one of Darren's blog that beef was beyond my cost; jerky can be benifitial on the hill. Thus when in Tesco a couple of days back I saw, on special offer, healthy eating steak, I grabbed some. It was fat free and thinly sliced; ideal for making jerky. The marinade was basic, teriaki a drop of soy, mixed herbs, a pinch of salt, ditto garlic salt, pepper and an interesting twist, molasses sugar. Somewhere I had read of maple syrup being used and decided to give it a try. In fact it has worked out well.There is a certain piquent taste that is quite nice. Thus now I have almost 1Lb of jerky for a a few days on the hill. One fly in the ointment, I have a trapped nerve in my neck and am in pain at the moment. Rather than keep swallowing pain killers I have made the desperate move of contacting a physio. Once again, something that really I cannot afford. However, time I see a gp and then be recommended for a nhs physio, it would involve many months of waiting. So, of to a private physio this evening. If he sorts the problem out it will be fity quid well invested

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