Thursday 1 May 2008

last minute things.

Well time is creeping up on us. Next week is the off for the TGOC thingy. So far it has proved a tad more expensive that I wanted. Having failed to track down my lost trekking poles a descision had to be met. My Black diamond pair are good poles, however, weighing them on the scales they average out at two pounds for the pair, ouch!. A deep breath and a hurried phone call to the ever patient Rose at Back Packing Light and I now have a new pair at over half the weight. This is after managing to blag a new tent tarp at a special price. Again, weight was the deciding factor. It means another pound in weight saved. The downside to that is that I am using a new shelter that I have not used before. Drastic action was needed after I did a trial pack and found my pack was creeping up over the twelve kilo mark. As it is, I am carrying maps, which will bump up the weight. Yes, I could post them on but prefer them with me. At least I can post them back to myself as they become of no further use. Talking of weight, something I have been taking more seriously of late is the matter of loos, or lack of. Over the last few years I have noticed the alarming increase of human excrement on open display in many areas of the hills. Apart from the fact that it looks disgusting, I cannot understand the mentality behind such behaviour. Respect for the hills and the wild places we roam ought to be the norm. A leave no litter policy surely includes, ' leave no unsightly mess like human waste' There is the added factor too of hygene, polute the land, polute the water and we reap the consequences in diseases like gardia and the such. Well, I invested in a just the jobby trowel from Back Packing Light, (yes Darren, feel free to borrow it). One downside, yet again the weight factor reared it's head. The trowel came in at around four ounces. A ponder over a long cup of tea and then a quick rummage in the 'every woman's tool box' Out with the hacksaw, a few nifty cuts, a bit of filing and some work with glasspaper and voila, a mini just the jobby. It now weighs in at two ounces. It still remains as functional and is ideal for digging a cat hole.

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