Tuesday 14 October 2008

Found on E bay

Flicking through e bay I came across a section that shipped ex Russian military equipment from the Ukraine. Curious, I ventured further. Most of it was clothing, some nice military headwear, furry hats for the hill in winter? However, the crowning glory was a fully working main T72 battle tank. A snip at fifteen thousand pounds. Shipping can be arranged. Beats the Chelsea tractor any day. Sort of tempting in a way??????????


  1. Recreate scenes from Bond?

    And who could forget the classic Everett sketch. Though someone noted it wasn't a Sherman tank.

  2. Well, I cannot afford one but there is no harm on putting it on my wish list. (In my dreams!)

  3. Dawn
    I enjoyed reading your hiking blog. Then I found your other "adult" blog. Seems like you have had a very hard road. Your descriptions are very graphic and honest. Have you thought of making the other blog private so only people you approve of first can read it? If you did that, only your hiking blog would be public. There is a setting in the control panel to do that.
    I lived in Amsterdam for several years and had a number of TS friends who were at various stages of coming out. Your own story is very familiar. It takes time to come to terms with the new you, to feel at last really who you are. Then what does it matter who thinks what? Good people will be happy to be in your company and the ejuts well I wouldn't give them time of day. I had a friend in Leiden who was always thinking of death when the pressures of the daily world got too much, or he had just been mugged on the tram or chased down Lindengracht by a gang of skinheads, poor love. That was back in the 80's, last I heard she was living in Egypt and is married to an arab guy and runs her own cafe. I like solitude myself,live in the mountains and keep myself to myself. I like animals and nature, some people are okay but a lot just suck. So if you ever need a chat be it about hiking or your TS path, feel free to drop me a line and I will help if I am able.

  4. Thanks Taffy, much appreciated.