Thursday 22 March 2012

Up the creek

It was a day walk with a difference. Recently, possibly down to long term health problems, I have found my fitness and energy levels constantly dropping through the floor. Rather like an old battery, no matter how long you charge the thing, it will fail to take a decent charge.
Pounding the pavements on a regular basis was playing havoc on my feet. Needing to get out and do something, I opted for a somewhat radical walk. A potter with a difference.
This morning saw me  heading down to Rochford in Essex.Not a hill in any direction, flat land walking, now that is different! Heading out from the town on a fine spring morning in hazy sunshine. There was little need for the map. Some years back I had walked this way. At first a little unsure of my bearing, however, little had changed over the years. Mainly the path runs along the banks of the river Roach. On such a fine morning the walking was quite easy. Boats heading down the river on the high tide and a large variety of bird life ensured the walking remained pleasant. My binoculars where in constant use. One down side was having a pronounced tremor made focusing a tad difficult. Using the camera seemed ok but the binoculars where more awkward. Coming around Bartonhall creek There was a plethora of birds. Being a high tide, few where actually feeding.
Black headed gulls dominated the area all around Stannets creek. A spot of lunch at Blackedge point and I was content to just sit for a while and watch the river. Amazingly I was in shirt sleeves, very spring like!
It was tempting to push on, however,my train ticket was a cheap off peak day return and I needed to get a train around four o clock.
The tide was dropping rapidly as I headed back. The exposed mud flats where alive with birds intent on feeding. It was a scene that could not be rushed through. Curlews probing deep in to the mud. Oyster catchers, avocets, dunlin. There where several types of duck, mallard, possibly shellduck, they where almost the size of a small goose. One small group of ducks had me puzzled, very distinct in black and white and quite small. Also there was a wee tuft on its head. Checking on my bird book, tufted duck is the only one that appears to fit the bill. One group of birds grabbed my attention, little egret, unmistakable.
It was only a quite short walk, but it was something different and it got me for a while. If this spring weather continues it will be shorts in April. Be aware Mike, be very aware!!!!!

Not a hill to be seen!


  1. Ooer, shorts....
    I came very close to wearing mine today but considered that the reflection off the white legs might be a hazard to low flying aircraft.
    Its very warm, though, innit...?
    Will it last to April, I wonder (seems unlikely)

  2. There is a hosepipe ban coming into force down this way in a couple of weeks time. Be wonderful if it does last though.

  3. Nice little bimble. Hope your health takes a turn for the better soon.