Sunday 26 April 2015

Seaside stroll

It was a beautiful sunny morning. Really I ought to have been finishing the painting in my living room. Instead I hopped on a bus to Whitley Bay and walked back along the coast to Blythe. The sunshine had brought out the dog walkers in their droves. it seemed as if I was about the only person dogless. Even joggers had dogs in tow. Mind, I had several dogs keen on joining me as I walked along the tide line. The majority of the dog walking fraternity seemed a friendly bunch though, most giving a smile and a friendly 'good morning'.

Quite a surf was running, but the morning was pleasant.

 Miles of lovely beaches.

St Mary's Island.

One slightly annoying factor was on some of the paths quite a few cyclists,several riding at speed, seemed unable to comprehend that pedestrians where also using the same bit of ground. One girl, approaching from behind, almost side swiped me and there where a few other near misses too. Some of the dog walkers had the same problem.

Overall it was a good walk and put a few needed miles in to the legs.  Roughly it worked out on average around eight miles.


  1. Perhaps a doggy is the answer!

    Lovely coastal shots :-)

  2. Thank you John. What I am thinking of doing is getting a wooden model of a dog and towing it around behind me???

  3. It's very rare indeed that I meet anyone on any of my 'walks from the front door' who doesn't have a dog. I'm always the odd one out.

  4. Maybe we ought to start a new trend and put a brick on a lead and take that for walkies???

  5. Looks a great walk with sun and wave action. Not walked that section and it appears to have plenty of interest. Always a conflict of interests between cyclists and walkers anyway on paths, canal tow paths etc. I've had to swerve quickly to avoid dogs running out without warning on elastic leads when cycling and been knocked down by a bike in a London park when walking on a pedestrian only route.

  6. It is a nice area for walking. Druridge Bay is even better, miles of sandy beach and wide open spaces.