Wednesday 3 June 2015

Wind blown around Ingram

The hills around Ingram in Northumberland are not particularly large hills. However, they do offer open, rolling moorland with sweeping vistas that can be a delight to view.
A suicidal red squirrel gave us a momentary fright. It appeared hopping across a cattle grid in front of us. Mike stopped the car to allow the squirrel to pass, instead it headed under the the car. Fortunately it suffered no harm and passed on its way.
A strong wind was blowing down the valley, the strength of it becoming apparent when Mike opened the car door and almost had it torn from his grasp.

An initial steep climb and then a steady plod brought us to Hartside hill. Ancient settlements nearby marked by the grass covered crumbling ruins of old walls. Old forts and ancient settlements abound in this area.
The head on buffeting wind meant we did not linger long and we descended down toward the river Breamish to find a sheltered spot for a bite of lunch. Following the river upstream we headed for a bridge. Unfortunately the said bridge was over an adjoining stream. Boots off, trousers rolled up we eased in to the water. Pale legs standing out against the peat coloured water. The current, strong, the water knee high. We safely made it to the other side, albeit with cold feet. Even Lucky took to the water with equanimity.

Once more we headed uphill toward Chesters. This time with the wind behind us.

Our way on led us past more ancient dwellings and forts. Upwards to Cochrane Pike and then back down, over Ewe Hill and on to Brough Law.  An impressive tumble of stones where once stood an ancient fort.
A very good day and many thanks to Mike.


  1. A new area for me I was unaware of until now. Looks nice.

  2. A backpack then....when?

  3. Ideal strolling country. Looks quiet too or was that because it was so windy?

  4. It is a nice area Bluesky, rolling hills and moorland. JJ, July, August?
    Alan, once you away from the valley it is quiet quiet. The Ingram valley itself can get crowded in the warmer months.

  5. Lovely series of photos! :)