Wednesday 8 July 2015

Long Crag round

Initially I had been looking at getting away for a few days. However, the forecast was for a low pressure system coming in from the north. Rain, low temperatures and wind had been on the menu.
Thus this really was just a prolonged day walk.
Came up on the Monday afternoon. Walked from Wooler over to Carey Burn bridge. From there turned on to the Middleton Old Town path and then swung off up toward Brands Hill. The path skirts around it joining a track that comes up from the valley. Saw a hare close by, he was a big lad too. Camped a bit further on. Just in time with wet, drizzly wet stuff drifting across the hill.

It rained for most of the night. At times it was heavy, accompanied by a blustery wind. The worst of rain had passed by morning. Bands of mizzly dampness came sweeping though during the early part of the day. Hardly enough for waterproofs, enough to makes thing quite damp

 Came over by Langlee Crags, on to Long Crag and back to Housey crag. Dropped down to the valley and then back up by Hausen Burn and over to Broadstruther. Things had somewhat cleared up by the afternoon and I was content to sit and have a prolonged lunch break.

A couple of folk who come up by the Carey Burn stopped to ask for help. They had a printed route sheet that, to put it mildly, was confusing. Put them on the right direction back over the hill to their car.

It was then a gentle amble back over to Wooler Common where I camped prior to catching the bus in the morning. Heavy rain during the night and wet, misty stuff by morning.
Overall it averages out at roughly 13 to 14 miles of walking. A few uphill bits to improve my uphill ability a tad?

A few more photos.


  1. Nice wee trip. Good to be out. I've been stuck in for a while but out again tomorrow on a bimble. Did you get the 30d fly sheet or opt for the 40d. I like the way the inverted poles lie.

  2. Hi Alan! It is the 40d fly. A tad heavier but also stronger, sometimes needed in wild camping in open country.
    The poles are linked together with a traditional A pole apex. It makes for a very stable set up.
    Look forward to hearing of your latest wee walk.

  3. Hi Dawn
    What kind of tent is it?
    Good trip with nice photos.

  4. Thank you Margaret
    The tent is a Stealth from Trekker tent. This is a baby tent, 650 gms initially. There is now a larger version.

  5. Hopefully easier for you to get out at a moment's notice, now you've moved house!

  6. Much easier Chrissie, especially with my bus pass.