Friday 11 December 2015

Darden Rigg

A nice wee walk proposed by Mike. Parking the car a couple of miles the other side Hepple there was a noticeable chill in the air. Descending down to cross the valley bottom there was much evidence of flooding. The ground underfoot was extremely wet. The well marked footpath skirts around Cloven Crag and ascends gradually upwards leading to a cairn and a trig point. The going was not the easiest. The narrow path made its way through thick heather and in many places was slick with running water and mud.

. From the trig point things became a tad more interesting. We picked ( floundered?) our way though deep heather and boggy ground toward  Dough Crag. There was a semblance of a track heading toward Little Lough. It is my suspicion Mike takes some delight in tip toeing through tussocks and and bog? We certainly had plenty of boggy stuff. Lucky is never too keen on the wet stuff..

Once we reached Darden Rigg  it was a matter of backtracking. A cairn marked on the map provided welcome shelter out of the nithering wind for a welcome spot of lunch. Picking our way over toward Darden Lough I manage to attempt a disappearing act by falling awkwardly in to a concealed hole. Fortunately, apart from a ricked ankle, there was no real damage.

The descent down by Millers Moss was a wee bit tricky in places. A case of slip sliding away?  Due to the very wet and boggy conditions care had to taken to avoid falls.
A pleasant day out though, with a distance covered of eight and a half miles.


  1. We have some of those invisible holes that you can fall into in a particular area on Kinder, near us. In fact I have disappeared down them several times myself. Not the best thing to do!
    Just realised as well Dawn, that unfortunately I didn't get an email notification when you published this post. Never mind, I'll continue to check every now and then, like before! :)

  2. It was not a pleasant experience, falling down a hole Chrissie. Have had another go at sorting the e mail thing.