Friday 10 June 2016

Two wee walks.

Sunday saw the gang of three, Mike, Lucky and myself heading up the beach at Ross back Sands. Due to an area being cordoned off, there were terns nesting on the beach, we only went so far.

An onshore breeze kept the temperatures down but it was still pleasant.

Mike chose to have a paddle. However, he did indicate that the water was of a chilly nature!

On the Wednesday I took the bus up to the Cheviot's. Actually, it involves three buses. Using my bus pass means not arriving in Wooler until one in the afternoon.  Thus I took a light pack (6 kilo) to allow for an overnight stop on the way round.
My plan was for a circular route. Down to North Middleton and on to Ilderton.

Quite pleasant walking.

From Ilderton took the bridleway on and over to the Dod. Saw several hares on the way and met some boisterous cattle. There was forestry work in the area with a new track not marked on the map.

one for Alan

With water picked up my intention was to stop quite high up.

Managed to make my around by Steel Crag and on up to Middleton Crags and camped a little further on.
A pleasant evening but thick mist in the morning.

was awake very early morning but was disinclined to to pack up too quickly in the hope that the mist cleared.
The sun did try to break through!

It cleared briefly and then drifted back over.

A pleasant walk down to Carey Burn bridge and then back to Wooler.

A pleasant circular walk of roughly fourteen miles, give or take a wee bit!


  1. That looked a nice pitch you found yourself there. Nice atmospheric photos of the next morning too, even if you would have preferred the sunshine!

  2. Thank you Gayle, it was indeed a lovely pitch.

  3. Yers.. quite a nice place to camp by the look of it... you must reveal where it is. North Sea is definitely chilly by the way (turns the legs a bit numb..)

  4. A very nice spot Mike, mind, it is in keeper country and there is a need to carry water in. However, it is close to Middleton Crags on the Cheviot map

  5. 6kg for an overnighter eh? That makes for nice backpacking :-)
    Alan's away at the moment but I'm sure he'll be along with full identification and even a history of that tractor before too long.
    Like wot Gayle said, you've got some lovely atmospheric photographs there....not sure about those bare knees though!

  6. Good to see you are feeling better. I don't think there is a better coastline than that. The large open space and big sky's make for good photos even though it can be mega windy.
    I thought that's unusual Mike is in the sea and he still has his clothes on. Ha.

  7. Thanks JJ, was experimenting a bit with the camera. Even Mike found the sea a wee bit chilly Alan, those beaches never seem to get busy, even in summer.

  8. Recognised some of that area above Wooler. Lovely photos of the mist - very atmospheric!

  9. It is a lovely area Chrissie.