Monday 4 July 2016

Greensheen Hill

This was a wander around some fine Northumberland countryside and in good company. Mike had proposed, in consultation with LTD ( he is a very intelligent dog!) the walk in order to visit a few tops or tumps as they be termed!
On our way we passed a couple of groups of youngsters, complete with large packs with bright orange covers. They were Duke of Edinburgh youths doing navigation training. It would appear one or two had strayed a wee bit off their route. However, I am sure they got it all sorted in the end?
 A visit to St Cuthbert's cave on the way. Obviously a very popular area given the amount of half burnt timber lying around.

We then struck uphill and over to the trig point at Greensheen Hill. A chilly, blustery wind but splendid views out over the bay toward Holy island.
.Our next hill required a little more navigation and tenacity. This was Cockenhaugh and it was situated in dense forestry. Navigation was not too difficult, we hand railed, following and old wall. The main difficulty was that very folk had passed through that wood. It was slow and at times a tad difficult picking our way over, under and through thick undergrowth and tangled fallen trees. Eventually though, top established, we descended to a bridleway and by keeping an eye on the map we came by a lovely series of crags. Colour Heugh has both many climbing possibilities and bouldering opportunities.

A spot of lunch and we continued on over to Bowden Doors. A splatter of rain driven on a blustery wind failed to daunt us.

From there it was a steady walk back to the car park at Holburn Grange. A pleasant days walking with splendid views all around. Not a lot of mileage, roughly seven and a half to eight miles but enjoyable all the same.


  1. Went to St Cuthbert's Cave when Dixie and I walked St Cuthbert's Way. It wasn't anywhere near as spooky as I'd hoped.

  2. Over used and abused I think may better describe it Chrissie!