Tuesday 4 April 2017

The elephant trees

This Saturday saw the ruby wedding anniversary of Mike and Margaret. A knees up was arranged complete with a ceilidh band. Many folk attended and there was much music and merriment. We wish them well for the next forty.
Mike had suggested a walk in Weardale on the Sunday. After a substantial all day breakfast, re the kind that sustained one for the rest of the day! we set off, possibly a little later than intended? The car was parked in Wolsingham and soon we heading up out of the dale. Our goal was the elephant trees, a popular local landmark that sits on the northern edge of Pikeston Fell.
This is really Mike's home turf and there was no need for maps or map reading. Thus we were able to maintain a steady plod. Bridleways and footpaths led us up past Towdy Potts farm. A gradual climb brought us up on to Pikeston Fell and the elephant trees .
A pause for a cuppa and a nibble, neither of us fancied lunch due to said breakfast. Our way led us on along the ridge and down to Fine Gill and on toward Bollihope.

It was pleasant walking following the valley back.
The afternoon sunshine had the promise of some warmth in it. Everything is peaceful now but at one time the whole area was a centre of industry. Mines and quarries abound, nature gradually healing the scars.
Cowboy Pass proved to be a massive pillar of rock where the old railway bed wove its way around the quarry floor.
A pause for another cup of coffee by Harehope quarry and then it was footpaths through grassy meadows back to Wolsingham. A pleasant afternoons walk of just over eleven miles.

Upper reaches of Weardale


  1. That looked delightful. We, on the other hand, managed just a measly 2.5 miles in Hamsterley Forest. Mainly cos longer than 1 hour would've cost 6 quid to park! Didn't want leave car full of camping gear in an out of the way place 😔

  2. Looks as if you will need to make a return trip!!

  3. Looked just the thing after Saturday night, Dawn!

  4. It was a lovely walk Chrissie, enjoyed it.