Saturday 7 March 2020

Brief update

Unfortunately my Parkinson's  has worsened over the last few months. There has been a few bad periods were I have experienced  prolonged spells of dyskinesea (involuntary movement of limbs and torso) At times it has been severe. The other thing that has given cause for concern is my mobility. Over the last couple of years or so there have been occasions when physically, I have ground to a stop. My legs become wobbly, balance and coordination is affected, breathing becomes heavier and also I become light headed. Usually, after sitting down for a short time it would ease off, leaving me feeling somewhat drained and shaky.  It was noticeable that this happened when I was involved in anything needing some exertion, carrying a full rucksack, walking uphill and so forth. at that time it was not a regular thing
Last year though it began to become a regular occurance, putting up a tent or taking it down for example,  I would do a bit, pause, breathing deeply, wait a few moments and start again. Bending over made me giddy. Things have worsened over the last few months.  At times I found myself struggling to even get out of my flat. There were occasions when I was stuck in my flat for a week or more. It was only thanks to members of the Panama swimming club  going out of their way to bring me essential bits of shopping, that I managed to cope, many thanks folks.
As things stand at the moment,  although  still having difficulties, the situation has eased a bit. Next week I have an appointment with the GP. The Parkinson's doctor, is a little concerned and will be waiting to hear what the GP has to suggest.
Last week  Mike came and picked me up for a trip across to North Wales. We had booked a cottage for a few days. Two other backpacking folk, Margaret and John joined us. Initially I was hesitant about going. The way things have been recently, I have not been the most sociable of people. There have been times when I have been struggling around the local supermarket, some folk have given me strange looks and being self conscious makes things a tad more difficult.
It was good to get away though. The cottage was lovely, a former farmhouse a large kitchen with stone flagged floor a lounge and four decent size bedrooms and a modern toilet suite with a huge bath.
Mike and John did all the cooking and constantly tried to persuade me I needed more food! Plenty of reading material was taken and while the others went off for a bit of walking, I just pottered about, managing to go for a couple of short wanders.On the Wednesday we headed for the beach. Despite a cold icy wind blowing down the beach, I managed to go for a dip, as did Mike. Cars are permitted to drive on to the beach and park, thus a very welcome place out of the wind to change.. It was a much needed break. being stuck in the flat was becoming tedious.
 A few photos taken in Wales.

Low tide, thus a long walk for a dip. Worth it though.


  1. Congratulations getting in the sea . . . I keep thinking about a swim in one of the lakes (I’m in Cumbria). Have not yet even got a toe wet, so well done to you :-)

  2. Stay strong. My sister in law in same boat.

  3. Thank you Jayne.. many thanks for your encouragement WP. Parkinson's is something I would not wish on anybody

  4. I've been catching up on your posts from the past few months. It's so sad that Parkinsons is affecting you so badly. For all us outdoor types it goes beyond just exercise. It's an integral part of our lives, the hills, mountains, valleys lakes our refuge from the modern world. Despite the challenges you are still out there, albeit limited, and I believe that can only be a help and a source of strength. I wish you all the best and hope that you can continue to enjoy that outdoor passion. Andy

  5. Thank you Andy. It is an awful wrench not to be out there doing what I have been doing for some fifty plus years. Just the other day, I was looking at my well worn boots, wishing I could be away again with rucksack packed with all that was needed for a few days on the hill..

  6. Lovely pics Dawn. It was a lovely week away in a completely new to me part of the world. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the company was excellent. Thank you :-)

  7. Glad you enjoyed your stay Margaret. There may be another one later in the year. Possibly around November.

  8. Lovely photographs, and congratulations on getting into the sea - don't think I'd be that courageous! I'm sorry to hear you've been having tough times but you are continuing to challenge the limits and I'd call that a testament to your inner strength, even when your physical strength is unpredictable. I hope you'll have many more opportunities to be outdoors, in new or favorite locations, soaking up the beauty.

  9. Thanks Quinn, come the warmer months, hopefully I may manage a few nights away somewhere!