Wednesday 30 September 2015


 This really was a relaxed day out on the Simonside hills. No pressure, no mileage to cover. Just an easy day of walking in good company and fine weather.
Mick, my near neighbour, picked me up in the morning. His instructions where simple, bring some food and drink and yourself. The day was warm and sunny as we made our way up through cleared forestry. A stiff uphill  bit brought us up on to Simonside. Groups of teenagers looking studiously busy with maps and compasses passed us on the way. Indeed, we had already observed numerous bodies of folks out and about.

Up on the ridge things were even busier with two large bodies of people walking with guides leading them.. A leisurely lunch break was had, it was a pleasure just to sit and bask in the glorious warm sunshine.

A gentle meander back down through the forestry brought us around to the car park. A gentle day of just under seven miles, but the excellent conditions and made it most enjoyable.


  1. You chose a lovely day for it! I've not been out all week, I'll hopefully get out for a curry walk on Friday....I'm getting cabin fever.

  2. We are getting some excellent weather John. Hope you manage to get a walk in while the weather lasts.

  3. It's very pleasant round there. Have wandered around ourselves!

  4. It is certainly a lovely area Chrissie.