Sunday 27 September 2015

Skinny dip

Well folks, sometimes some of us have that mad, possibly ridiculous hankering to do something way beyond one's comfort zone. To push the boundaries of what is considered sane and sensible.
Mike ( had done the dip before, however, he wanted someone to support him. A person who was willing to help, to hold his towel and offer some reassurance that he was not way out there alone.
Initially I offered support as towel holder and tea maker. Mulling things over and wrestling with many fears and self doubts, I finally offered to do the dip with him.
The aim of the skinny dip is a charity fund raising project in aid of Mind. Having written previously on this subject, I will refrain from waffling on.
 Mike and I camped overnight at Druridge Bay. There many more people, all of them come for the dip, were also camping. A party like atmosphere prevailed
 Possibly due to nerves, I had slept little on the Friday night. Both Mike and I experienced little sleep on the Saturday as well.
The alarm woke us at four forty  five a.m. There was evidence of frost on the grass and it certainly felt chilly. By five thirty everyone was congregating on the beach. Although chilly, the conditions where stunningly beautiful. A flat, calm sea, the early rose tinted glow of dawn on the distant skyline. Then suddenly, as the first rays of the early morning sunrise burst in glowing golden colour over the horizon, there was a great cheer, clothes where rapidly shed and some three hundred naked bodies ran down the beach to plunge in to the ocean. An awesome and amazing moment. It was most certainly an incredible moment. Mad, totally insane, but a very emotive occasion. Well worth doing, despite my feet losing all feeling.
My very grateful thanks to all of you out there who offered support and donated generously to the charity Mind. We raised almost two hundred and fifty pounds, thank you.
Mike has managed to capture some amazing photos of the event, so pop of to his blog to view them.


  1. Hee-hee....well done Dawn, I hope the goosebumps vanish soon! :-)

  2. Thank you John, it was my feet that had me worried, lost all feeling in them.

  3. Well what a grand walk despite the weather. Now its time you got rid of that old General Wade map and bought a new one. There has been a few changes since 1600. My old 2007 map shows a road and not a track up to Learg nan lunn. There’s probably a helli pad there now too and maybe a Sainsbury’s or Marks and Sparks. HA.
    Well done any way.

  4. It will duel carriage way next Alan!

  5. I'm just full of admiration - I could never do that!

  6. It was quite awesome in the end Chrissie. Pleased too that some £360 was raised for MIND.