Tuesday 1 November 2016

House sit

Currently I am house sitting for someone down Huddersfield way. With limited inter web access, contact with folk has been a wee bit difficult The house is still in the process of major renovation. The location is in a rather up market suburb of the city.  The property is secluded, down a driveway and surrounded by trees. It a large house, four bedrooms, a large lounge, kitchen, utility room, office and will eventually have a study too.
It is not an old house, fairly modern really. Now normally, I am not that a nervy person. However, this house has at times spooked me. The boarding for the floor has not been fastened down in many areas. Walking across them can result in the most awful screech. Lying in bed at night one hears the sounds of unexplained creaks and groans. Sometimes too I have heard the occasional thud and strange rattling sounds. The outside security lights flash on and off at regular intervals. 'Cats, or foxes', I tell myself. There is though that little nagging uncertainty. The place has been previously burgled, could a stalker be out there? Is someone watching? A particularly loud creak somewhere in the house can see me sitting up in bed, the heart rate going a wee bit faster. Tentatively I will slide out of bed and head out on to the landing flicking on all the lights. The house is cold, not all the heating is yet functioning.
So far I have survived. Mike, bless him, came down for a few days. He and Lucky appear not have noticed anything in particular. However, I am not totally convinced. If no one  hears from me over the next few weeks, well, Mike has the address. In the meantime the vigil continues.


  1. Aargh! Mike should have left Lucky with you for guarding purposes, when he went home!

  2. Have to learn to bark like a fierce dog Chrissie!

  3. I suspect there's no stalkers. The undergrowth is too dense to penetrate. The squiggles would bite their ankles as well. Enjoyed the few days, though. Apols for burning the pan.... (still embarrassed about that!)

  4. Burnt pan, what burnt pan??? Cannot remember such a thing? Glad you enjoyed yourself Mike.