Thursday 29 September 2016

High Cup Nick

Chrissie and Geoff (Crowther) had decided that while visiting the area, it would be a fine idea to introduce both their youthfully exuberant pups to a night's wild camp. Isla, a chocolate labrador and Pebbles, a boxer, had individually camped with either Chrissie or Geoff. However camping out en family, as a group of four was a  trial proposition just to see how things worked out.
Mike and I had been invited along. The plan was to all meet up in Dufton. Arriving early, Mike and I had an all day breakfast in the old Letterbox cafe. A substantial breakfast it was too. Lucky, who was welcome in the cafe, was made a fuss of and fed sweet biscuits.
We met up with Chrissie and Geoff just as  thin, mizzly wetness began to drift in. While the dogs had a bark and established who was who, we donned waterproofs.
The cloud base was rapidly descending as we made our way up the hill and the wetness increased. It was chillier too. Camp was established somewhere near to the Nick. With the thick clag and general drizzly rain, there was no chance of socialising. We all retired to the coziness of our tents

Tuesday morning was one of thick cloud and general wetness. Thus it was we packed up and headed back to Dufton. Bacon and egg butties and pots of tea were enjoyed by all in the cafe. Mike then ran a shuttle service back to the Crowther abode on wheels. Here we enjoyed more tea and flapjacks. Despite the dampness it was a pleasant wee trip and good to meet up with Chrissie and Geoff and the lovely dogs Isla and Pebbles.


  1. My kind of hike that. Lovely. Although i must admit those photo's of the dogs do bear a resemblance to donkey's. Have you been to Specsaver's recently.

  2. The dogs would not stay still long enough for a photo Alan. Anyways, the donkeys were lovely!

  3. Not the best weather for views then ;-)

  4. Almost had to work on a compass bearing to find the tents when fetching water!

  5. Only just caught up with this Dawn. Great to finally meet up. Maybe next time we'll see each other, given less mizzle ;)