Thursday 15 December 2016

A few short walks

Extremely wet weather curtailed a few planned walks in the Huddersfield area. A local walk from Almondbury took me over cold Hill and then continued on to Farnley Hay. A check of the map and it was downhill to Lumb Dike and back around by Almondbury Common. Conditions underfoot were quite awful. Arriving back, my boots and trousers were well slathered in mud.
Late afternoon, Almondbury.

First winter snow, Almondbury.
Squirrel raiding the bird feeder.
Lumb Dike woods
Mike managed to come down for a few days and we went for a rather lazy wee walk around Hebden Water.  Starting from Hardcastle Crags car park, the path led us along by the river to Gibson mill. A pause for lunch by the mill and we carried on upstream.
Weir on Hebden water.
A tiptoe past a very recent rock fall, with more ready to fall. As we left the mill, a large golden labrador dog was heading up the path behind us. Seeing someone further back we thought no more of it. However, further up the path the labrador came running  toward us, clearly stressed. Mike put her on a makeshift lead and leaving me with Lucky headed back the way we had come. Mike had only got so far when she dug her paws in and refused to go any further. She was happy though to carry on with us and appeared to know the way.
Hebden water
A steep, slippery climb up through the woods to Walshaw farm. The labrador seemed to know exactly were she was heading and we tagged along. Heading back down to Gibson mill, two volunteer rangers used their landline and finally managed to contact the dog's owner. Leaving the dog with the rangers we headed back to the car park.Apparently the dog had run off. Eventually all were reunited. A good outcome to an interesting walk.
Feeder stream in to Hebden water.

Our next walk took us over to Meltham. Much easier to get to than Hebden Bridge, traffic there was horrendous. We parked the car in Royd road. Debris washed down from the recent heavy rains covered large areas of the road surface. A steady uphill  plod brought us to the road end and led us on to  Magdalen road. In reality it is now a rough, water worn track. Possibly at one time a more substantial right of way?

Old toll bridge sign.
Crossing the main A635, we carried on down Springs Road. The old road heavily rutted from when wagons hauled stone from the old quarries, now disused. Around by Goodbent Lodge, at one time a farm but the private signs indicate it is now a holiday home or a building used by some form of club?.
A pause for lunch saw extra layers being put on, the wind was chilly.
view toward Digley reservoir.
A happy Mike and Lucky.
Back over the main road and on to Harden Moss Road. it was another of those old rights of way that is now just a track. Parts of it were badly washed out from heavy rainfall. it was then a case of retracing our footsteps back to the car. A pleasant day out.
Footpath sign, Almondbury
Plentiful berries for the birds.
Lumb Dyke woods
Hebden Water
A lovely little carving
memorial stone on Magdalen Road.
Lucky on squirrel watch!


  1. Photos look quite sunny and dry. Where's all this mud then?

  2. We know all those areas pretty well. And well done for rescuing the dog!

  3. We managed to dodge it Alan. We were only too glad to help Chrissie.