Thursday 22 December 2016


Christmas has never been a good time for me. Thus it is over the next week I shall be away. As is somewhat the norm., a backpacking trip over the festive season has been planned. Nothing too rigid is planned. Basically it will involve travelling up by train to Newtonmore. From there heading out in to the Monadhliath. Looking at the weather forecast, things looks as if they going to be a tad stormy? In all probability I shall find a suitable place for the tent and use it as a fixed base.
There being a very limited train service to Newtonmore, I shall be using the backpacking bunkhouse on the first and last nights.
To one and all enjoy the festive season. Eat, drink and be of good cheer. As above and so below.


  1. Well, I wish you a good trip and hope the weather behaves to make the trip memorable, enjoyable and safe.

  2. Hope you are enjoying the wind! ( no rude remarks)

  3. Thank you Alan, wind, there was certainly a fair bit of it!