Wednesday 19 July 2017

Dales wandering.

This was another one of the CAMRA walks that Mike was reviewing. The Settle/Carlisle line is very convenient for circular walks in the Yorkshire Dales. Thus Mike extended the route a wee bit. It was the latter part of the afternoon when we got off the train in Horton in Ribblesdale. The sun was out and it was warm. There is something quite pleasing to be heading up the hill as everyone else is heading down. The questioning look can be seen in the eye of some folk as they pass and say hi!.
A delightful camping spot was found by Hull Pot beck. Unfortunately there where no deep pools in the beck to allow for swimming. However, we enjoyed a cooling dip, which was refreshing.
The following morning saw us heading up Pen-y-ghent. Initially we followed the old path, joining the new one higher up.  Just before the top is a new, hideous concrete staircase. Possibly a shiny new hand rail will follow? It boggles the question as to what is going to happen on the scrambly bit going up over the prow.. There are rumours of Alpine style guides, fixed belay points and via ferrata??
Heading up Pen-Y-ghent.
Things were getting busy on Pen-y-ghent.
 We continued following the Pennine Way to skirt around Fountains Fell. We mutually agreed on having an easy day.
Finding nice water at Tenants Gill and a good camping spot, we stopped for the day.
. A lazy afternoon was spent in our usual round of activities, which involved tea drinking, reading and snoozing. Heavy rain came in overnight. The following morning was grey and a wee bit dreich but not actually raining.
We had a few drizzly showers as we made our way over to  Malham tarn.
Stopping for a break, we sheltered out of a blustery wind by a wall and perused the map. This was going to be a lazy day again. our plan was simple, head over to Langscar Gate and then around by Kirkby Fell. Two rangers were busy installing new gates along the track. Thus we were a tad wary  in finding a spot to camp. After a bit of casting about we settled on a grassy spot by some ancient mine workings.
Later that afternoon, with the nearby gate fixed and the rangers gone, Mike and Lucky headed up Rye Loaf Hill. On his return, Mike had noticed a few beasts and a large bull heading through the gate. Cattle and tents do not go together. They get curious, come and have nose  and the inevitable can happen with panicking animals tripping over guy lines and chaos reigns. The easiest course of action was to persuade the animals back the other side of the gate and close it. With this duly done, everyone could settle down for a peaceful night.
A few showers during the night. The morning though was dank and cloud  covered, everything shrouded in grey. Making sure that the gate was back where it ought to be, we enjoyed a leisurely walk down to Settle.
Arriving early, we pottered about, visited a cafe for a cuppa and something to eat and then investigated a nearby pub. All in all, an enjoyable few days.


  1. Lovely. It's a while since I've been over pen y ghent. The concrete staircase sounds dreadful! Actually I can remember when the scrambly bit wasn't really a scrambly bit, but just a touch ricky. That's about 30 years ago though....

  2. The three peaks means that the flow of people is quite substantial. The popularity means the hill is wearing away, a great pity.

  3. Lovely areas, those there Dales. From your pics it was a good walk.

  4. It was a grand walk Alan.

  5. I've often thought of a wild camp by Hull Pot Beck, looks like a good call. I used to live down the road near Keighley and loved the Limestone dales area. I don't get back as often as I'd like now

  6. It is a cracking place for a wild camp Andy

  7. I've not really considered wild camping in the Dales, not since I struggled to find camp-spots whilst doing the Dales Way. I feel reconsideration coming on.....

  8. John sometime toward the backend of August, we have a trip in mind. Give us a shout if interested.

  9. Well, I think it might be considered rude to turn down the chance of a little wander. So what do you think? And should Mike and LTD come too?

  10. Mike has run in to a few problems John. We are possibly going to have to adjust and modify things a little.