Thursday 27 July 2017

Three hills and a swim.

Mike and I have quite an established routine for this area. A day walking and then set up a bivi on Ross Back sands. The following day is spent on the beach and in the water, dipping and swimming. Thus it was that on the Monday we headed in to the Cheviot hills. Our first top was Fredden Hill.
A descent that involved a patch of dense bracken, a pause for lunch and then on to Hart Heugh. It was windy up there.
It was then back across Wooler Common.

 Mike nipped up Earle Whin. Then it was back to the car and on to Ross Back sands. Here we set up our bivi come beach shelter!
We had been considering a swim or quick dip. However, a heavy sea was running with large breakers rolling in.

Tuesday morning saw the sea much more settled. There were some fairly heavy waves breaking on the beach though. Getting in to sea I could feel the surge and pull of the waves. It was a little unsettling though when I realised that my feet could no longer touch bottom. Also, I could feel myself being drawn out to sea. Swimming hard, I headed back to the beach.. It was a short swim and yes, I was a wee bit spooked. Swimming solo safety must come first. Mike wisely stayed in the shallows. Later I went back in but did not swim very long.
 A pleasant couple of days. Over the next few weeks I will spend more time swimming and brushing up on my rusty swimming skills.


  1. I know that feeling when all of an instant water seems to be a possible danger. Glad your strong swimming brought you safely back to shore!

  2. Not sure about strong swimming Quinn, more a rather panicky scramble for safety. Am working on the swimming strength though.