Thursday 28 June 2018

Langstrath dipping.

Mike and I had visited Langstrath earlier in the year. The valley is mentioned in the Wild Swimming book. Blackmoss Pot is a favourite among many people. Mike had an idea, which comes close to having a plan! Thus it was that on the Wednesday afternoon we booked in to Chapel Farm campsite.
The idea was to leave the tents at the campsite and head up Langstrath on the Thursday taking a bivi sheet and then spend a night high up the valley.
Rain during the night had meant water levels where up a bit.
It was a pleasant day. At one point we were entertained by flocks of Herdwick sheep all heading down toward Black Moss Pot. Probably they had been fed there over the winter months.
The ground was a tad boggy underfoot, however, we found a nice wee spot to set up the bivi.
The rest of the day was spent, meandering, exploring waterfalls, drinking tea and not doing a lot.
Friday was mostly spent in the same sort of mode. Also included were some dipping, little swims and chilling out.
A few people passed lower down but only one or two actually came past us.
It was surprisingly hot as indicated by Mike's mode of dress!
More on the watery theme.
Cool, clear waters and invigorating pools.
A day to be savoured.
Tumbling water shoots.
Clear, blue skies.

Meet the locals
We made our way back to the campsite on the Friday afternoon, to find it fling rapidly. On the Saturday we headed home.


  1. I like that camp site. (but dont tell anyone) Its quite a trek to Black Moss for a bit of a dip. You should try the spots in Oxendale.

  2. We actually went up past the bridge Alan. Quieter up there. Have to look up Oxendale.

  3. Now there is a valley I need to visit and swim in. That water looks so inviting. I'm trying to get out for a local river swim a few times a week while the weather is hot and I'm loving it

  4. Well worth a visit Andy.