Thursday 5 July 2018

Ross Back Sands

It is once more, that time of the year when Mike and I begin our annual visits to Ross Back Sands. The one downside to these visits is the need to carry water in. The sea fret was quite thick on the Friday, not clearing until the evening. Setting up our beach hut, come bird hide was a little tricky with a bad back!
An enjoyable afternoon dip was most welcome. Shortly after, the evening sun came out to give us a most pleasant end of day. Later that evening we were paid a visit by a national trust warden. A colony of terns were nesting at the far end of the beach and his main concern was dogs disturbing the birds.
Early morning at Ross back Sands. Miles of deserted beach.
The suggestion of a beautiful day to come.
Early morning light.
Haze in the early hours.
Mist in the early hours drifting over the dunes.
Saturday was largely spent dipping and sun bathing. A lazy day just chilling out.
The three quarter of a mile walk in, means that Ross Back Sands never becomes busy. It is highly likely that the 'beach pavillion' will soon be called upon for it services once again!


  1. Wonderful to sleep on the beach and watch the sunrise. Love the images with the castle in them (assume its Bamburgh)

  2. Yes, that is Bamburgh in the background Andy. The only down side of our beach trips is carrying water in. Well worth it though.