Sunday 11 September 2016

Hill and beach.

With the skinny dip fast approaching Mike and I agreed acclimatization dips were of a necessity. Mike recently has had a period off intense busyness. Knipe towers had been under siege by a screaming hoard. Aided by his indomitable companion, Lucky the dog, they overcame all difficulties and restored the peace. With a bit of time in hand, Mike managed to slip away for a walk and an overnight bivi.
Heavy rain on the way up to Wooler gave some cause for concern. However, by the time the car was parked and we had lunch, the skies cleared and the afternoon became quite pleasant.

 Our goal for the afternoon was Humbleton Hill, an ancient hill fort. A blustery wind was blowing across the top.
The views all around were superb.
A meander around to join the St Cuthbert's way and it was back to the car park.

From Wooler we headed over to Ross Back Sands for our overnight bivi. Recently I picked up a modified tarp which I thought may be ideal for our overnight stays. However, it was a major faff to erect . Modifications are required, I need a sewing machine!
Water is the biggest problem when we bivi. Carrying in four plus litres is heavy. Modified tent stakes that will actually be effective in loose sand also adds to the weight. A griddle and charcoal was also carried in. Mind, the grilled lamb steaks and spuds were great.
A blustery night with a few spots of rain but the morning dawned  fair.

Mike went for an early morning dip while I waited until a bit later. My first foray was a knee deep paddle. Unfortunately a bit later I began to feel ill. Doctors tell me it is a form of migraine. Extreme giddiness, loss of balance and co'ordination and nausea. For me it was a case of curling up in a bivi bag and not moving. Mike gave me a nudge in the afternoon. We had to move. Getting out with a heavy pack was an ordeal. A good samaritan carried my pack part of the way. Thus ended our overnight sojourn.


  1. That sea air smells good. Lovely sunset and sunrise shots.

  2. Another varied trip, which looked to have been good fun - at least until the migraine struck. Hope the poorliness proved to be short-lived, and that they're not too regular an occurrence.

  3. These things happen Gayle, it was fun apart from that though.