Sunday 25 September 2016

Skinny dip time

Having somehow  done the North East Skinny Dip last year had somewhat kindled my interest in swimming. There is something in this wild swimming malarkey that one is unable to experience in the safe and sterile waters of a swimming baths.
When registration time came around for the dip this year I duly signed up. Mike, who introduced me to this, was, I think, quietly pleased.
  We had done a few acclimatization swims, not enough really, we need to do more. The idea this time around was to go over to Ross Back Sands on the Saturday and have a few dips there.
There was a stiff, somewhat chilly breeze blowing up the beach. There was also a bit of a sea running.We had fun frolicking in the surf and being approached by curious seals. Mike went in three times but I only managed twice and never actually swam.
In the evening we relocated to Druridge Bay to camp alongside many other folk who were arriving for the skinny dip. To be honest, I slept little, pre dip nerves, I have many hangups about my body..
At the unearthly hour of five in the morning, the kettle was on and rain was pattering on the tent fly. Undaunted we joined the throng of other dippers to register. Amazingly the rain stopped as we joined the crowds on the beach.

. No brilliant sunrise this time, but undaunted, one and all charged naked in to the rolling surf. Yes, it was cold, but oh my, it was, in a crazy sort of way, fun, invigorating too.
A different sort of weekend but already Mike and I are discussing next year. Another important factor here is that the money raised is in aid of Mind, a worthy cause.