Friday 15 June 2007

Well this all rather new. Predominantly it will be my outdoor blog with a few insights of me. At times it may wander into personal realms. Stay with me please. Maybe I ought to make things clear in one area. Probably because I am so self concious on these issues and I am gradually meeting new folks, which to me is sort of scary. Basically I am a transgendered woman, post op. This is something I have always lived with. It was recognised way back in the mists of time. However, I was glibly informed, 'yes, you are predominately female emotionally, mentally etc. However, society has decided you are male therefore you must remain as such.' Several years down the road and finally with addmition to a gender clinic where it was quickly recognised I was severely gender disphoric, re my gender leaned a lot towards being female. As is said the rest is history. Going out on the hill while all this is going on was and is not so easy but I manage. Ok, so that is a bit about where I am coming from. Any questions feel free to ask


  1. Dawn,
    welcome to the blogger community ^__^


  2. Welcome, too, from me. We met at Sykeside a couple of years ago and conversed briefly. Unfortunately, you were not well enough to walk. Maybe another time, another place.

    I'm also new to this blogging lark: