Saturday 8 September 2007

signing up

Well, the latest TGO mag. has arrived. With it the entry application form for next May's TGO challenge. After a quick consultation with Darren, my application and entry fee are being submitted. A possible disappointment, Darren is no longer going in disguise. A pity, I had visions of him going as a bearded haggis marching resolutely through the glens!
It is now a case of getting the impending surgery out of the way and regaining some semblence of fitness before the big day. That will prove interesting. Possibly I may have to do B&B and start with day walks. Suggestions welcome.The few ideas I have so far are going to the gym, swimming, and maybe trying out a climbing wall.(Please, no comments about little old ladies going up the wall!)
At present I am somewhat housebound and am already feeling the first stirrings of cabin fever. Time has been spent servicing winter stoves and experimenting with new food for the hill ideas. Thus, stove on the draining board, try not to set fire to the overhead cupboard etc.
Another possible downside of this enforced layoff. My flat is tiny, literally 9ft by 11ft, (I have measured it). Having kit and equipment everywhere is bad enough, maps and books though are now also competing for space. Books are something that I appreciate. Unable to sit and do nothing, I read. In recent months I have bought over a dozen new books, including one for 4p from a shop that I deal with through Amazon.
It would be good to hear any others folks views. That is, if people do drop by here?


  1. Dawn,
    wasn't there a Timeout book of walks that could be done by those based in London that they could just hope on a train and do in a day? That maybe a start.

  2. Thanks Darren, I have a few ideas in that area. The ridgeway is one.

  3. There are loads of day walks within easy reach of The Smoke. The Ridgeway is easily broken up into day sections. I haven't done it but I've read that it's VERY muddy in winter; it's used by trail bikes as well which adds to the mud. Epping Forest is OK although outside my area. West of London I can get to; anywhere off the Paddington to Worcester line is reachable for me if you want to get out one winter weekend.