Monday 2 February 2009

Lots of Snow.

It snowed most of last night here in London and is still snowing now. Fantasmagorical. The one problem is that I am stuck here in London. Currently public transport is at a standstill. Few roads gritted, no pavements gritted, at least in my area. This despite the fact that the met office have been warning of heavy snow conditions since last week. Have been ill, (again) and am itching just to get out and stretch my legs. The doctor is arranging for me to see an ologist of some sort. Hopefully, if public transport is running? I may be able to nip down to the New Forest for at least an overnight stay. For just one night I shall take the minimum and bivi. Hopefully the snow may linger for a few days yet? John, please keep me posted.


  1. Happy to Dawn. The problem is not so much the snow (back for a couple of hours today) which as normal comes, stays a short while, and then quickly fades. Its the water run-off that seems to be casuing the problems. Lots of localised flooding. And muddy underfoot. 0 deg C miday Fri

    I'll be roaming the NF this weekend as usual so expect an update on conditions

  2. been raining for 24 hrs non stop (well nearly)

    Ground is more than sodden - I'd suggest - forget it this week

  3. Thanks John. Possibly I shall head north on Monday instead.

  4. off to the snow instead then

  5. Just hope the snow lasts John. Would really like to get one good winter trip in.