Sunday 5 April 2009


With Easter looming large on the horizon my one aim is to decamp and head for the hills. With yet another hike in rail fares there was no way I could afford train travel. To my annoyance and surprise even coach fares have substantially risen. My coach ticket has cost me an extra four pounds in comparison to the same journey I did earlier in the year.
For convenience it will be the Cairngorms once more. My aim is to avoid the main routes and head in to some of the more obscure corries and explore some of the hidden gems of the Cairngorm area. April in those regions can still be in the grip of winter. Looking at the current mountain weather information, there is still snow high up with snow showers possible. Over the easter week thing are looking unsettled so I shall just have to play it by ear. My light ice axe will be taken, even if it looks daft carrying it. Also, rather than take full crampons, my little used Katoolas will be in the rucksack.
On a slightly different note, I have bookmarked an interesting website. Trail Testers, They actually have nothing to do with with trail magazine. They are a small, independant group of people who trial gear and film it in action, as it where, which is then posted out on U tube. From the information I have picked up they will be going live on the 20th of April. Currently I have heard they have been trialling the new SATMAP gps system, the New Zealand based Aarn Natural Balance pack, the spot system and several other goodies. One of the North Face tents is also featured. Http:// Outdoor Magic mentioned the Aarn pack a while back and then everything went silent. It is an intersting concept and I shall be watching with interest. It makes a change for a small independant group to be gear testing so all you gear freaks out there you have yet another slant on all those shiny goodies that we regularly drool over.


  1. Dawn,

    Good luck on your Easter trip. Please keep the reports and photos coming. They are appreciated; all the more by those who are deskbound.

    Thanks for the tip about the amateur gear testers. (Your direct link to the tent test may be broken.)

    Thanks again.

    John Green

  2. Tell me about train fares !

    £93 from Essex to the Lakes for Tuesday, I could drive it cheaper for far less so they are hardly trying to get us out of our cars are they ?