Sunday 20 June 2010

Update on the tent front

One of my niggles with the small tent I use, the Shangri La 1, is the pole in the front. This tent is designed to erect using trekking poles, however, I find a pole slap bang in the middle of the tent front restricting and annoying. Having an old nesting pole A pole lying about I tried it on the Shangri, it works well but is heavy. Now I am trying just the A pole apex, which is still quite heavy for its size, despite being alloy, in conjunction with the trekking poles and it seems to work fine. Presently I have been attempting to form an A pole apex from fibre glass, so far, two lumpy prototypes. Ideally I would get one moulded in carbon fibre, if anyone has any suggestions please give a shout. Before anyone asks, the rear pole is also being experimented on, having an old carbon fibre pole lying around which has lost its bottom section, I butchered the remaining two sections, removing the handle completely the end section now fastened on the extending pole as a foot. This has bumped up the weight of the overall tent slightly but has provided more comfort and adaptability. By the by, any stove enthusiasts out there in the London region, I have an old Optimus 80, a strange Stesco possibly an MSR, all working, there is also a bialladin lamp for restoration or spares, interested? Send me an e mail.


  1. Would the A pole from a Saunders Jetpacker work. You could get in touch with them through their web site.

  2. Hi there, possibly the Saunders A pole may fit. At present I am considering moulding an apex from fibreglass.

  3. This may be of help and it can be modified to suit the tent.
    It will save a lot of messy work with Fibre glass.
    And being cheap it doesn’t matter if you make a mess of it.
    The 3/8 one will probably take aluminium poles too.

  4. Hi Alan, many thanks. In fact I have sold the SL1, it was just a tad too small and I as I het older I appreciate a wee bit more room.