Tuesday 12 July 2011


Determined to claw back a wee bit of fitness I determined to attempt at least one trip a month. This time around it is a tad further north, Appleby. Traveling up Thursday and returning on the Monday. In case folk wonder why I have yet again headed for this region, there is a simple reason, cash. Finances being tight, with a bit of juggling I can make the journey fairly cheaply and there is the added bonus that I can arrive by mid day and get a few miles in over the course of the afternoon. This also applies to the return journey; a mid afternoon train allows for a decent walk during the morning. The planning has proved a bit tricky, from Appleby over toward the Teesdale area and back over High cup Nick. Things went a little pear shaped after that. My original plan had been to come over Swindale Edge. That has been scuppered, it cuts across the army ranges and after checking it out I find there is live firing and the whole region is closed off.
Much head scratching long perusals of the maps, which where laid out all over the floor, I have come up with a rather convoluted plan. This will involve using two maps, both 1:25 000, double sided and making use of both sides of the two of them. Some complex map reading and a what may be some long days walking, interesting!
Kit wise, after looking at the long term weather forecast, which does not look too good, I am taking the bigger and more roomy tent. This is the Shangri La two, inside I am using a Shangri La 1 nest. Yes, it is a bit of a mix and match but it is a system I know works. Weight wise there is little difference, around the kilo mark; the trekking poles I use double as tent poles .


  1. Hi Dawn,
    have you had to modify the shangri la 1 nest to fit the shangri la 2? I don't get excited by kit, but I have been looking at this range.

  2. Hi there, no actual modifications, what I have done is use a couple of lengths of 1mm dyneema cord and mini cord locks and a mini carabina the to hook the nest into the two loops that are provided inside the Shangri 2. It is a compromise if cash allowed I would get someone like Oook works, a UK cottage industry, to make me a specific one to fit properly.This what I have done with the Shangri la 3, it has a custom built half inner nest. This gives me loads of space without excess weight and all the warmth and comfort any inner tent would provide.