Saturday 16 November 2013

Mallwyd interlude

A couple of minor ops, a battery of hospital checks and so forth has meant that  all activity on the walking front had been severely curtailed. In fact it is more than two months. My last trip cancelled at the very last moment due to health problems.
Mike, (northern pies) suggested a few days in Wales. He knew of a nice campsite, that, although officially closed, would allow us to camp. Thus it was that  I staggered off the train at Welshpool with a heavy rucksack to be collected by Mike and Bruno, (superdawg). Monday afternoon was surprisingly mild, it felt good to be out once more.Tents where soon up and a brew on.

 Tuesday saw us heading up a delightful valley for a short walk. The rich, autumnal colours where quite beautiful.

We arrived back at the camp site early and had a lazy afternoon.
Wednesday morning was quite chilly. Mike had an idea for a walk. Thus we headed over to Dollgellau and the Precipice Walk. In fact it was a delightful stroll.

After our morning stroll we headed over to Barmouth  for an amble along the beach. Bruno was highly delighted at this and spent much time chasing his new found ball.

Wednesday night saw a change in the weather with strong winds and heavy rain. The tent was well anchored and I was snug.Unfortunately Mike's tent leaked which was not good. This meant we where heading for Welshpool earlier than intended. However, as a compensation, we indulged in an enormous full english breakfast. A good few days away.


  1. Hi Dawn, good to see you out and about again. The Precipice Walk is a great one for views without much effort. Will you be back out backpacking soon?

  2. Hello James. Hopefully I may be away for a few days at the end of the month.

  3. Some fantastic pics there. Great area.
    I presume your abode is the SL3 and Mikes is the rather “Pink” WC tent. Funny how it leaked when its a WC tent.
    Hope the walk went ok for you and everything is under control.

  4. Hi Alan, yes, the slightly pink tent is indeed Mike's. The SL3 has an Oook nest. Loads of space and a snug winter tent. Slowly getting back on my feet.

  5. Glad to see Mike kept his keks on in that last shot...

  6. LoL John, the weather was a tad parky for skinny dipping!!!

  7. We never seem to go to Wales these days, but there's obviously lots to explore! And sometimes, you can't beat a campsite as a base for a couple of days of walking with a lighter load :)