Friday 10 April 2015

Cheviot daunder

A cracking day in the Cheviot hills. Mike ( Had proposed the walk. There was a wee top he was interested in. Thus it was that we where winging north on the A697. Turning off on to the narrow and twisting Ingram road which heads up the Breamish valley. The warm, sunny weather had brought out car loads of folk. The numerous picnic spots where bustling with people.
With the car parked at the last picnic spot in the valley, we where soon heading up the hill to take the bridleway by Greenside Hill. Passing the few outlines of a medieval village, we headed a little further up the hill and found a sunny spot out of the chilly breeze for lunch. What a pleasure to sit and bask in warm sunshine.

Our way led on upwards, past Cunyan Crags and up to Dunmoor Hill. A gentle descent and then a long pull upwards toward Hedgehope Hill. My legs where feeling the strain and I stopped just short of the top, allowing Mike and Lucky to continue upward.

Mike and Lucky soon rejoined me and we continued on towards Mike's intended goal for the day. High Cantle is an interesting and rather prominent geological feature. A rocky outcrop protruding out of the surrounding moorland. We took in both tops to ensure we had bagged the highest of the two. It was then a long descent down to the track that runs through the Breamish valley. We had spotted several small lizard type creatures, (newts?) Also I spotted a large adder making for cover. Fortunately Lucky had not seen it.
Smoke drifted down the valley from where keepers where burning the moorland. This was grouse country and the burning was to stimulate fresh growth of the heather.

. From Linhope it was back on to tarmac and the walk back to the car.

A very pleasant and enjoyable day's walking. Mike has given the mileage as at seventeen kilometres, roughly ten miles.


  1. Brill day out. Love the Cheviots. Wish i could get up there a bit more.

  2. It is a fantastic area Alan.

  3. Who's that bloke with Lucky?

  4. Ah, he is the bloke Lucky has recruited to take him walkies, camping and the such. He even has him trained to carry bonios for him!!

  5. A hill I've always wanted to climb.
    Nice photographs. It's been a great Easter for outdoor walking.

  6. It is a cracking wee hill.

  7. Looked like lovely weather!
    Lucky is getting Mike nicely trained.

  8. The weather was fantastic Chrissie. Lucky is working on training Mike. As yet he has not made him understand that cheese butties are supposed to be Lucky's!!!