Friday 28 August 2015

A day on the beach

Having, in a moment of a major Dawnism, signed up for next months sponsored skinny dip, my immediate concern was the fact I have not done any swimming for many years. Conferring with Mike, who is also doing the dip, we both agreed there was a need for some acclimatisation. After all, the North sea is not the warmest of places to swim.
 Thus it was we headed for the beach on a fairly sunny morning. Ross Back Sands is quite a deserted beach, even on a bank holiday Friday.
We were well prepared with blankets, a stove to make hot drinks and spare warm clothing.With the beach almost devoid of folk, Lucky was allowed to run free. He was overjoyed, racing up and down the beach, running around in circles, giving little barks of excitement. Heading up toward the far end of the beach, we set up our base in the dunes.
We had deliberately chosen to swim on the incoming tide. Unable to prolong the moment, it was down the beach and in to the water. Ankle deep, not too bad. knee deep, brrrr, chilly. A few gasps and squeaks as I inched out further. A large wave rolled in and slapped me in the face. There was no choice, go for it. A plunge into the next incoming wave. A moment of shock at the sudden coldness, a gasp, a brief,  uncoordinated  splashing and then, suddenly, it all came together and I relaxed into a steady breaststroke. A yell to Mike, who was a bit further in toward the beach. Despite the lack of my glasses I could see the big grin on his face. Out of the water, a slow shuffle type sprint up the beach? Hot drinks and a gradual warming up. the process was repeated another five times by me. Mike, after some initial hesitation, ( he is not too keen on putting his head under water) bravely went for it and in fact, he went in a few more times than me.
Well, it seems we can walk the talk. More swimming is to be done but we are going for it. So folks, if you wish to donate toward a worthy cause (MIND) just scroll down to my previous blog and click on the link.
A special thank you to those who already have donated. So far I have raised almost one hundred pounds. It would be great to double that.

Not quite Venus rising from the waves!!