Saturday 12 September 2015

A wander up the street

The Street in question is an ancient trade and drovers route that runs through the Cheviots. Mike picked me up from my abode and soon we were heading to the higher reaches of Coquetdale. A beautiful area to visit. With the car parked in the small car park by Rowhope Burn, we immediately began heading uphill. Lucky was clearly delighted to be out, dancing and swirling around with joy. Although windy it was indeed a grand day to be abroad.

It was a steady plod upwards, with a lunch break out of the wind in the lee of Swineside Law. Goats were spotted on the opposite hillside.

Our way on led us up to the border ridge were we joined the Pennine way.

 It was a high level scenic route around and over Beefstand Hill, lamb Hill and on to the  refuge hut. A quick break in the hut. Then it was then the long descent down Buckham's Wall Burn, a delightful valley. A herd of beef cattle were encountered further down, no problems though. A heron voiced his disapproval of our passing.
. From Buckham's Bridge it was a steady amble back to the car. Wagtails and dippers were seen in profusion.

A pleasant day of walking covering a good thirteen miles.