Sunday 17 July 2016

The Luss hills

This was a wee trip suggested by Mike. Luss is a village I have passed through may times but never stopped at. However, there are some fine hills in the surrounding area and it was a few of these Mike had his eye on.
We travelled up on the Tuesday, booking in to the campsite mid afternoon.

Wednesday saw us heading steeply upwards toward Beinn Dubh. The weather was good, thereabouts, sunshine with a few showers. The views were awesome.

Lunch was had just beyond Beinn Dubh. It was then an undulating walk following the Striddle horseshoe around to Mid Hill. A long descent led us down to Glen Luss, in some respects steep downhills can be  tiresome, hard on the knees..  A pause to watch deer grazing on the hillside opposite. Glen Luss is a green, verdant glen with an ancient woodland.

. A pleasant walk down the glen and back to the campsite and a welcome cup of tea. Mike gives the day an estimate of eight miles of walking and two thousand, five hundred feet of ascent.
Thursday saw us once more heading up Glen Luss. It was very upwardly upward to Beinn Eich. What followed though was a delightful airy walk along a broad ridge toward Doune Hill.

Mike had his sights set on the wee top the other side of Bealach an Duin. While Mike and Lucky nipped up to bag the hill, I was content to sit with the rucksacks for a moment and take in the view.

 We picked our way down the steep corrie, finally picking up a faint path. This led us to Glen Mollochan. Initially very wet and boggy underfoot.
We eventually came to a rough track that led us back to Glen Luss. A fantastic day out. Mike estimates it at 12.05 miles and four thousand, one hundred feet of ascent. Probably I did a little less, not having done the last wee top!
Friday it rained and then rained some more. Floods flooded, Noah cast off his ark. We stayed put in the tents. Snoozing, drinking tea and reading being the order of the day. In the afternoon we set forth to visit a hill. The roads were awash, the rain relentless. We changed our minds, did a bit of shopping and returned to the campsite. As we did so there was a brief interlude in the weather and we went for a little local walk.
Water in a hurry!

Luss water

Glen Luss, possibly a carving from the old, ruined chapel marked the map?

Saturday saw us heading back south.

Ancient tree, Glen Luss.

Duck patrol, they were after my porridge!


  1. I bet that trip made a nice change. I have frequented the pub in Luss whilst camped out on the beach but that's about it. Certainly looks well worth the drive up.

  2. It certainly made a nice change Alan. A return trip may be on the cards?