Tuesday 2 August 2016

College Valley round

The Northumberland hills are lovely places to walk. There were a few tops Mike and LTD wanted to visit. Thus it was, with the car parked at Hethpool, we headed upwards towards White Hill. The cultivations terraces marked on the map, clearly visible.
. Gradually we worked our way past the outline of an ancient homestead and then up through what had been forestry, now with grass high enough to hide elephants!  A stop for lunch close to an unnamed top which Mike and Lucky bagged. When the Sun came out it was warm but the strong breeze was chilly.
 A path led us around to Ring Chesters, an iron age fort, although some of the surrounding cultivation terraces are reported to be much older.
Mike had his eye on Coldsmouth Hill whereas I skirted around it's flank, meeting him on the other side. Some lovely walking led us over to Madam Law.
Once more there were wide vistas and grand views.
A  steady descent and a short sharpish ascent brought us to Ell's Knowe and our last top of the day. A total of six wee tops for Mike and Lucky and four for me.

. Descending to Elsdonburn it was then a short walk down the valley and back to the car.
However, our day was not yet done. We had a cunning plan. Instead of making our way homewards, we headed instead over to Ross Back Sands for another beach bivi and a spot of dallying in the briny!
It was with laden packs that we made our way the mile or so to the beach. There is a sign stating no camping. Thus we had no tent, only our beach shelter?
Mike soon had a fire burning, (in a fire pit) The wind was quite strong and in turn the fire got a tad hot. Unfortunately this did not bode well for our sausages and baked spuds?
Mike slept soundly, Lucky had doggy dreams, unfortunately I did not sleep as well. Mind, being awake in the wee small hours can have its own reward.

Possibly I went a little snap happy but it was a lovely sunrise.
A morning spent drinking tea, having a picnic breakfast and frollicking in the ever so calm ocean.

A pleasant time had by all. As yet I am unsure what sort of miles we covered, although I feel we did a decent walk. Mike, I am sure, will soon enlighten me?


  1. That looked really lovely. I'm especially envious of your beach camp...sorry...shelter. Been a very long time since we camped on a beach.

  2. Thank you Geoff. The beach shelter is now modified, basically a ten foot by ten tarp with side and rear panels. Something in the line of the old Baker tent.

  3. That took me by surprise when you left the hills to camp on the beach! Great idea though....

  4. Fantastic photo's of an area i have wished to do but never got there so far. Envious.

  5. It is well worth a visit Alan. Lovely hills and a wonderful coastline.

  6. Eleven of the Queen's (bless 'er, long may she reign) miles altogether - nine and a bit in the hills and almost two up the beach. Not counting the walk back again or the various meanderings looking for wood, seals, wardens, U-boats, sharks or little terns.

  7. Not bad, not bad at all. Happy with that.