Thursday 15 December 2016


This was just a wee daunder. Mike had proposed a couple of nights camping in Borrowdale. in some respects it was a bit of an experiment. A while back I was looking for a replacement for my much used Golite tent, the Shangri La three. Shopping about I ended up with the revamped modern version, the Wickiup three by Nigor. It was offered to me as shop soiled, having a mark on the groundsheet. Also, it came  complete with inner and outer. Being a lot cheaper than normal it was grabbed quick. Mike and I used it on the skinny dip and Mike was impressed with the layout. Mike, like me, usually prefers his own tent space. However, when he  posed the question of sharing the big tent for a couple of nights static camping, I agreed.
Tent with porch.
One drawback of the tent was lack of porch space. However, with a bit of thinking, I tried a gull wing tarp. It was quite successful too, especially since we had  fairly wet conditions. Arriving on the Monday afternoon we set up camp, drank quantities of tea and ate mince pies.
Tuesday, with sombre clouds cloaking the tops we opted for an easy (?) amble up and around Castle Crags.
A camera shy ram with his girls!
Gradually, as the morning wore on, the sky cleared and we treated to a few wonderful views.
view over toward Ullscarf

On the slopes of Castle Crag.
Castle Crag Levels.
Mike heading upwards, Castle Crags.

Looking over toward Little Gatesgarthdale.

Mike and Lucky finding the ascent steep and a tad loose!
War memorial, Castle Crags.

Looking down on the Allerdale Ramble track.
Bad weather heading in.
From Castle Crag it was a long descent back down to the river. We had a brief diversion to visit an interesting, lumpy wee hill.. With more wet weather coming in, we  eventually had to don waterproofs. A visit to the pub on the way back and then it was back to the tent. It rained on and off for most of the night with a few strong gusts of wind. It was surprisingly mild though. Wednesday saw us heading home again. A short visit but an interesting one.


  1. Funny - I've been past Castle Crags loads of times but never been up. Looks steep and scree-ey! :D

  2. That Castle Crags looks steep and scree-ey!

  3. At least you have been getting out and the weather has been pretty good. I've had double man flu so have been home bound for the last few weeks.

  4. Sorry to hear you have had the flu Alan, get well soon.
    There was some loose stuff Chrissie but there is a well defined path.