Friday 31 March 2017

Alwinton wander

Alwinton in the Coquet valley is a lovely area much frequented by the walking fraternity. Mike had proposed a walk that led over Lords Seat and on to Nettlehope Hill. However, even before setting out we had to don waterproofs. It was one of those mild days of showers and general dampness whereby one becomes rapidly overheated cocooned in waterproofs.
Coquet valley
With the weather as it was we felt disinclined to push on to Nettlehope. A leisurely lunch and then we wandered on over to the trig point at Green Side.
The resonating boom of heavy artillery over on the ranges gave us a momentary start.

From the trig point it was an easy wander on to the Pass Peth and back to Alwinton.


  1. Nice. I love it up there. Even quite enjoy the military noise. After all, they have to practice somewhere. See you soon Dawn.

  2. Love the Coquet Valley but haven't been for a while.

  3. It is indeed a nice area Geoff.

  4. You will have to plan a return visit Chrissie!