Sunday 13 August 2017

Gone swimming

Over the last few weeks, my main focus has been on swimming. Mike and I have been regular visitors to Ross Back Sands to indulge in a spot of dipping in the briny. The problem was, for me, the fact that I never did much in the way of actually swimming. On our last visit I did manage to take to the water. However, getting caught in cross currents and finding myself heading out to sea, spooked me a tad.
Years back I was a regular open water swimmer. That was way back in time. Somehow though my interest in swimming has been rekindled. Having Parkinson's, there is an essential need to keep active. Being a non clubbable sort of person, I took a very big decision and joined a nearby sea swimming club.
One thing I immediately became aware of was that basically I had to relearn how to swim. Thus over the last few weeks I have been regularly heading seaward. There are no swimming lessons on offer. It is a case of getting in there and doing it.
These photos were taken earlier this year. As to whether I will manage to swim in those conditions remain to be seen. Several of the ladies at the swimming club, all like me, of more senior years, assure me it is fun. All it takes is to get out beyond the breakers hitting the shore and riding the rollers, so I am told?
How long I will continue through the year, I have no idea. Ideally I would like to swim through the winter months.It is a case of taking it one swim at a time. So far I am averaging around thirty five minutes in the water. Sea temperatures have been hovering around twelve to thirteen degrees. The worst part, I find, is the actual getting in. Once in it is quite enjoyable!
 Certainly on future backpacking trip my swim costume will included. These photos are a selection from my local walks taken over several months.


  1. I'm glad you took the plunge and joined a club. It's a great coast to swim.

  2. Invigorating Alan, it is indeed a lovely area.

  3. You've got some wonderfully atmospheric 'local walks' photos there Dawn :-)

    More power to your elbow with this sea swimming lark, I'm well impressed!

  4. Thank you John. You will have to head up this way sometime.

  5. I love to wild swim and I try to include a swim on my walks wherever I can although I've not been out in the hills much this summer due to my knee op. Good luck with the swimming plan though :)

  6. Thank you Andy, one cannot beat a wild swim.