Wednesday 2 May 2018

Not a daunder in the Dales!

This was a pre TGO gear shakedown put together by Mike ( Train cancellations meant missed connections and it was past five in the evening when we arrived at Clapham station and it was raining too.
A quick stop at the pub to pick up Chrissie and John and we headed out. Up past Ingleborough cave and on to Gaping Gill. here we camped. The weather was grey, wet and murky with the light fading fast. Tents up and folk were soon snug in their sleeping bags. Not feeling so good, I missed supper, settling for just a drink and a snack.
After a wet, blustery and chilly night and with the morning still a bit dreich, there was no great rush to be off.
There is a long drop down Gaping Gill to an extremely large cavern below.
 Limestone country
With dark, grey cloud scudding across Ingleborough, Mike revised the route. We set off, heading across country to the Dales Highway. Unfortunately, despite a good breakfast, I struggled. This may be down to lack of fitness? However, I have been doing regular seven mile walks three times a week. To add a bit more umph, I have been trekking up and down sand dunes, walking on loose sandy beaches and also negotiating steep steps leading down to a couple of coves on my route.. My suspicion is that it is another phase of my Parkinson's? This is born out by the fact that over the last couple of weeks I have struggled to get moving in the mornings. Also, dosage of my meds have been increased..
Swinging off the main path we swung off  heading up to the shoulder and the junction of a couple of paths leading up the hill. After a spot of lunch the guys made their way up to the top of Ingleborough. Chrissie and I elected to stay and guard the rucksacks!. Darkening, brooding skies and a rising north west wind  were a sure sign of bad weather heading our way. Setting off on the footpath that contours around the escarpment above Souther Scales Fell, we were buffeted by the wind and accompanying hail, freezing rain and a few bits of sleet. Fortunately I had picked up by now and was managing fine. A long descent and a wee bit of walking on the road saw us heading in to the pub at Ribblehead. Shedding dripping waterproofs we hunkered down out of the rain for a couple of hours. Our hope was that the rain would clear. This failed to happen and eventually we nipped out to set up camp on the camping area behind the pub.
We all opted for supper in the pub and I left early to get some rest.
In the morning Chrissie was unwell with migraine and sensibly opted to catch the train home. A great pity, migraines can be nasty.
With  weather still rather dank, Mike, John and myself headed up and over Blea Moor.
There were a few showers but the weather gradually began to clear. Also, I was managing better than the previous day!
We stopped for a leisurely lunch beside a small waterfall.
The sun even came out for a short time.
Heading down toward Dentdale we passed through a small farmstead with exotic chickens.
Chicken with attitude!
it was a pleasant meander down the dale.
The river flowed over a series of limestone shelves.

The wee sting in the tail was the three quarter of a mile uphill walk to the station that sits high above the  dale. Mind, it afforded some lovely views!

A couple of days in good company. Hopefully the weather will continue to improve as spring comes in?


  1. Hi Dawn. Thabks for the post. Sorry to hear you were not so well at the start of the trip. Let's hope that it wasn't the Parkinsons and was just a temporary blip.

  2. Thank you FB. Unfortunately it is the Parkinson's. One of the affects is chronic fatigue.

  3. Considering you were under the weather you were marching along very well :-)
    I'd forgotten those enormous hens - I should have (should of?) photographed them.
    Another good trip - we need more methinks!

  4. Thanks JJ. The physio tells me chronic exhaustion is quite common
    with Parkinson's, also maintaining any level of fitness is very difficult. A case of adapting and trying different strategies.

  5. A nice wee trip in good company, always the best. Hope that the Parkinson's doesn't curtail your outdoor fun too much

  6. Thanks Andy. it is a case of readjusting things a wee bit.