Friday 18 January 2008


Well the lakes trip never happened. To be honest it was cost. To be paying around £80 for just two or three days away was not justifiable. That money is now funelled to a forthcoming Trip to the far north.
Watching the news this evening, in regards to Gordan Brown's visit to China. It makes me feel very uncomfortable and extremely uneasy. China is the rising super power. In that there is no doubt. Here though are top western business people, world leaders and so on all ensuring they are the best of pals. Money talks and China is the monied nation. Human rights, of which China has an appalling record, is swept under the carpet.
It may be asked, what has this to do with the outdoor scene. A lot really, look at the label on the majority of your equipment and you will see it is made in China. My Golite hex is an example, my smart wool thermals is another. That causes me concern and unfortunately I am unable to see a way around it. Unless we boycot almost every supplier and return to the dark ages of hill walking, dressing in British made ventile jackets etc what can we do?

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